Directions to the host hotel, Delta-Marriott Kalamazoo, are provided on the hotel’s website. Three different ways are described here to get to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

From I-94 Direct to Gilmore



0.0 - Exit I-94 at Exit 85 – Augusta/35th Street.  Head North on S 35th St. for 1.3 miles

1.3 - At Traffic Light, turn LEFT [West] onto E. Michigan Ave and follow for 0.8 miles

2.1 - Turn Right [North] onto N. 33rd St.

5.2 - Continue STRAIGHT at 4-way Stop, 33rd becomes 32nd Street

8.2 - Continue STRAIGHT at Traffic Light in Village of Richland, you are now on M-43

9.2 - Continue STRAIGHT at Traffic Light, following M-43 for 4.7 miles, winding around Gull Lake on right.

13.9 - Turn RIGHT onto Hickory Road

14.2 - Turn RIGHT to enter at Automotive Heritage Center


Travel Time 20-25 minutes


From the Delta-Marriott Kalamazoo to Gilmore – The Fastest Route



0.0  - Exit hotel parking lot taking Holiday Terrace to 11th Street South

0.1 - Turn RIGHT on 11th Street South

0.3 - At traffic light [Stadium Drive], turn RIGHT and immediately turn RIGHT onto US 131 south

2.3 - Take exit 34 onto I-94 East [Detroit]

8.4 - Take exit 80 [Sprinkle Road], then get in the left lane for North Sprinkle Road, 3rd exit of 1st Roundabout

9.0 - Use right lane to approach 2nd Roundabout

9.2 - Take 1st exit for [North] Sprinkle Road. then follow Sprinkle north, through 8 traffic lights

13.4 - At 9th traffic light, turn RIGHT on Gull Road = M-43 [sign to Gilmore Car Museum just before light]  You will take M-            43 all the way to Gilmore Car Museum.

18.5 - Turn LEFT at light in Richland, following sign for M-43

19.4 - Continue STRAIGHT at traffic light, following sign for M-43, Hastings. M-43 has several curves around fields and Gull            Lake. Once you see the white fence and red barns prepare to:

24.1 - Turn RIGHT on Hickory Road

24.4 - Right into Gilmore Car Museum


Total travel time:  30 – 35 minutes

From the Delta-Marriott Kalamazoo to Gilmore – The Scenic Route

Note: This route avoids heavy traffic, for the most part, and high-speed roads.



0.0 - Exit hotel parking lot and:  

0.1 - At Stop Sign on 11th St. and turn RIGHT

0.2 - STRAIGHT at Light on Stadium

0.9 - Immediately after railroad track, Light, RIGHT turn onto KL Ave. W.

1.4 - Light, LEFT turn onto Drake Road, a major road.

2.9 - [Drake narrows to 2 lanes]

4.6 - Stop Sign, T intersection, LEFT turn onto Ravine Road

5.7 - Bear RIGHT onto 12th St. [Ravine road goes to left]

8.3 - Stop Sign, 4-way, Flasher, old school house, RIGHT turn onto D Ave W

13.1 - Stop Sign, 4-way, Flasher, STRAIGHT crossing Riverview Dr., long upgrade.

14.2 - At 35 mph sign, prepare to turn LEFT on N. 24th St.

14.7 - RIGHT turn onto CD Ave E.  [CD curves to right, becomes 26th St.]

15.8 - At Yield Sign, LEFT onto D Ave East

16.3 - At Stop Sign, T intersection, RIGHT onto 27th St. [curves to become D Ave]      

17.0 - At blinking yellow light, LEFT onto 28th St.

18.0 - [Road curves to right, becomes C Ave]

18.7 - Stop Sign, proceed carefully, STRAIGHT onto M-89

19.9 - Light, LEFT onto M-43, follow for 4.7 miles, winding around Gull Lake on right

24.6 - Turn RIGHT onto Hickory Road

24.9 - Turn RIGHT to enter at Automotive Heritage Center

Total travel time:  35 – 40 minutes