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The Gilmore Car Museum – North America’s Largest Auto Museum™ – is a collection of multiple museums displaying over 400 cars in a variety of examples of period architecture. The cars include most every brand with examples from the earliest years to the muscle car era and beyond, from million-dollar classics to modest four-door sedans; most all are fully restored. Some unique originals are also displayed.

In addition to the Cadillac Museum replicating a 1948 dealership, architecture examples include: 


  •  1930s Ford dealership

  •  1930s Lincoln dealership

  •  1907 Franklin dealership

  •  1930s Shell gas station

  •  1940s diner - still serving food!

  •  Railroad station


There are seven restored Midwest farm barns, circa the early 1900s, that now house cars, motorcycles, and the Red Barns Raceway Slot Car Track. And, there are museums presenting the collections of the Classic Car Club of America and the Pierce-Arrow Society.

All of this is sited on a tranquil, 90-acre campus that transports you back to a less-hectic time. Yet, for those who are addicted to being connected, WIFI connections exist throughout.

Learn more at: 

Gilmore Car Museum Address: 
6865 W. Hickory Rd. 

Hickory Corners, MI 49060

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