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Concours d'Elegance
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The Concours d'Elegance displayed Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles that best represented the Design, Elegance, Innovation, and Engineering Excellence of “The Standard of the World”.  The vehicles were either a well-preserved original car or a high-quality restoration and was judged with an emphasis on design, authenticity, and elegance, as well as the quality of presentation.  Automobiles with unique provenance and special

historical significance were particularly desired. 


All entrants were reviewed and selected by the Selection Committee. 


Class 1 Brass & Early Cars 1903-1914

Class 2 Classic Era - Early 1915-1932

Class 3 Classic Era - Late 1933-1947

Class 4 V-12 and V-16 Cars 1930-1940

Class 5 Early Fins 1948-1958

Class 6 Fins & Skegs 1959-1964

Class 7 Vertical Headlight Cars 1965-1968 

Class 8 Cadillac Production 1969-1979 (includes 67-68 Eldorado)

Class 9 LaSalle 1927-1940

Class 10 Allante 1987-1993

Class 11 V-Series (all models) 2004-present

Class 12 Preservation cars 1979 and earlier, non-restored cars

Concours Judging


CHASSIS was judged considering authenticity and condition. Additionally, the judges

considered overall design, rarity, significance and visual impact. The respective areas and the

associated values assigned were:

  • Operation including engine, lights, and instruments. Total Points – 15

  • Engine Compartment including engine and all components. Total Points – 25

  • Interior including the total passenger compartment and trunk. Total Points – 15

  • Exterior including bumpers, grille, glass, body panels, top and finish. Total Points – 25

  • Chassis including wheels and tires, undercarriage and exhaust. Total Points – 15

  • Overall design and related considerations. Total Points – 5

  • Additionally, the judges may add up 5 bonus points 


PRESERVATION VEHICLES were judged based on the extent of originality and condition of the same areas listed above.

Age of the vehicle could add 1 to 5 bonus points as could provenance.

Honorary Chief Judge

John Manoogian II is the Concours Honorary Chief Judge. He has been involved in transportation

design for over 50 years, 34 with GM Design. As Director of Cadillac Design from 2003 to 2009,

he led the design of the award-winning CTS Sedan, Sport Wagon, and Coupe concept cars revealed

at the 2008 North American International Auto Show and the 2006 DTS. He was also responsible

for the design of the 2006 and 2009 Presidential limousines. Prior to becoming Director of Cadillac

Design, he served as Assistant Chief Designer in Cadillac’s Exterior Studio from 1979 to 1985.

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One car in each class was awarded a Best in Class trophy. Fleetwood Awards were presented to other cars in each class deserving of recognition.


A Best in Show was selected from the Best in Class winners. The Best in Show Winner also received an invitation to the 2022 Hilton Head Concours.

Other awards presented included Official Sponsor's Choice, Best Interior, and Best Paint.

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