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©2019, Cadillac Fall Festival


Some special, seldom-seen vehicles will be on display for your viewing pleasure during the 2019 Fall Festival and Concours d’Elegance.

1949 Coupe de Ville Prototype
Cadillac introduced its new hardtop style with a prototype first displayed at the NY Waldorf Astoria in January 1949. Based on a 1948 convertible, the prototype Coupe de
Ville was stretched to fit the Fleetwood Sixty Special 133-inch wheelbase chassis. Other differences from the production model offered for sale in June 1949 included front wheel opening trim, rocker trim under just the door, small rear window instead of the wraparound window, simulated vent on the rear fender, Cadillac crest on the C-pillar, and a gold emblem over the rear wheel opening. A short-wave radio telephone and gold-plated compact, lipstick holder and perfume atomizer were included in the interior. It was acquired by noted collector Steve Plunkett in 2011 who had the car accurately restored to its as-new condition.

1940 GM Futurliner

GM built 12 unique, art-deco design vehicles in 1940 to showcase their “Parade ofProgress”. These vehicles visited small-town America to demonstrate and educate people on new technologies of the era, both automotive and non-automotive. The sides opened up to be 16’ stages to demo things like stereophonic sound, microwave heating, jet engines and TV. They were used until WWII and then again from 1952-56. By then TV was prevalent and the need for these traveling demonstrations was greatly reduced.