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Featured Model Selected

Featured Model Selected

The 1971-1978 Fleetwood Eldorado has been selected as the Featured Model for the 2019 Cadillac Fall Festival & Concours d'Elegance to be held September 26-29, 2019 on the Gilmore Car Museum Campus, Hickory Corners, Michigan. The second-generation front-wheel drive Eldorado, built from 1971 through 1978 was a big departure from the first. It was large! In fact, it was the largest production front-wheel drive car ever built to this date. The rounded lines made it look even larger than it was. The Eldorado was offered as a coupe or convertible from 1971 through 1976 and only as a coupe in 1977 and 1978. The Eldorado was chosen as the official pace car for the 1973 Indianapolis 500. Two Concours classes have been established for this increasingly popular collector car - one for coupes and one for convertibles.


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