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Portion of proceeds to benefit United Way


Aug. 8, 2018

William C. “Bill” Anderson

(443) 994-5455

HICKORY CORNERS, Michigan—The Cadillac Fall Festival & Concours d’Elegance, to be held Sept. 20-23 at the Gilmore Car Museum, will commemorate one of the most respected automobiles in history.

The Cadillac Fall Festival is a celebration of Cadillacs from the beginning in 1903 to 2018. Long revered for its technical excellence, Cadillac has long been the ultimate symbol of innovation and success. Cadillac models featured range from pre-war classic V-12s and V-16s to the flashy flamboyant designs of the 1950s and 1960s to those of the modern Art & Science design philosophy. There will also be remarkably well-preserved originals from the decades of models and modified Cadillacs representing the owners’ unique vision of Cadillac style.

The Fall Festival includes many events at and beyond the Gilmore Car Museum, including a bus tour to an exclusive, private car collection near Detroit; a driving tour to the Studebaker Museum; rides in collector Cadillacs on the Gilmore campus; a gala reception; and a celebration banquet. Up-to-the-minute details are available at

The Cadillac Fall Festival is much more than a celebration, it is about supporting worthwhile causes, including the United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region and the Cadillac Museum. The Cadillac Fall Festival is sponsored by the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center. A portion of proceeds from this year’s Festival will go to support United Way.

“Just as Cadillac has positively impacted the auto industry, United Way impacts our community in positive, meaningful ways,” said Chris Sargent, President and CEO of United Way BCKR. “We appreciate this support and encourage people to check out this exciting event.” Learn more about United Way at

Cadillac owners who want to display their vehicles as part of the event will need to register by Aug. 26. Find out more about registration at this link:, or email

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