The Concours d’Elegance cars are judged by teams of retired and active designers from the Cadillac Design Studio, automotive journalists and experienced judges from the Cadillac & LaSalle Club.

Honorary Chief Judge

To Be Announced

Concours Judging


Each vehicle’s OPERATION, ENGINE COMPARTMENT, INTERIOR, EXTERIOR AND CHASSIS is judged considering authenticity and condition. Additionally, the judges will consider overall design, rarity, significance and visual impact. The respective areas and the associated values assigned are:


Operation including engine, lights, and instruments. Total Points – 15

Engine Compartment including engine and all components. Total Points – 25

Interior including the total passenger compartment and trunk. Total Points – 15

Exterior including bumpers, grille, glass, body panels, top and finish. Total Points – 25

Chassis including wheels and tires, undercarriage and exhaust. Total Points – 15

Overall design and related considerations. Total Points – 5

Additionally, the judges may add up 5 bonus points  


Preservation Vehicles are judged based on the extent of originality and condition of the same areas listed above. Age of the vehicle can add 1 to 5 bonus points as can provenance.


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