We want you to bring your Cadillac or LaSalle. Any year from 1903 to 2021 is welcome.
It can be entered for judging in the car show – The Evolution of Cadillac Design – or just displayed.

Image by Arie Wubben
Judging Classes

The judging classes for 2021 are defined to provide an overall review of Cadillac design during the term of each of GM’s Vice Presidents of Design, and includes all models produced during those years. Also, there will be a Preservation class.

Class 1                      Harley Earl                       
Class 2                      Bill Mitchell                      
Class 3                      Irv Rybicki                        
Class 4                      Chuck Jordan                   
Class 5                      Wayne Cherry                   
Class 6                      Ed Wellburn                      
Class 7                      Michael Simcoe                
Class 8                      Preservation                      


To enter your car simply list the year, make, model, body style number, and desired class number on the Event Registration Form

1927 to 1958
1959 to 1977
1978 to 1986
1987 to 1993
1994 to 2005
2006 to 2015
2016 to 2021
1903 to 1993