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Gathering at Gilmore 

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The Gathering at Gilmore was a peer-judged car show for Cadillacs from 1903 to 2022, including LaSalles that took place Friday, September 23, 2022. 


What was the difference between this car show and the Concours d'Elegance? Anyone was welcome to enter a car for the Gathering at Gilmore; the cars for Concours d'Elegance were selected by a committee.

Do I have to pay to enter my car in the Gathering at Gilmore? No, it is included as part of registration. Registration will open in April 2022. If you wish to enter more than one car, there is an added cost. 

Will my car be shown on Friday only? Yes, judging will be completed on Friday and one car in each class will be awarded a Best in Class trophy. In addition, five cars will be selected on Friday as The Fabulous Five. These cars will be entered in the Concours d'Elegance for judging on Saturday, September 24.

If your car is not selected for The Fabulous Five, you are still welcome to have your car displayed on Saturday adjacent to the show field. 

Judging Classes

Class 1 

Class 2 

Class 3 

Class 4 

Class 5 

Class 6 

Class 7 

Class 8 

Class 9 

Class 10 


Best in Class - One for each of the above listed classes

Fabulous Five - Cars selected for Concours d'Elegance on Saturday


To enter your car simply list the year, make, and model during registration.

Brass & Early Cars 

The Pre-War Era 

Fins Forever 

Cadillac Grandeur 

Leading The Way 

Smaller is Better 

Art & Science Designs 

21st Century Cars

Vertical Headlight Cars 


1903 - 1927

1928 - 1947

1948 - 1960

1961 - 1964 & 1969 - 1970

1971 - 1985

1986 - 1993

1994 - 2005

2006 - 2022

1965 - 1968 

1927 - 1940

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