Join us September 22-24, 2022

The Cadillac Fall Festival & Concours d’Elegance celebrates Cadillac’s commitment to Innovation, Performance, and Design for more than a century. Each year the event brings together Cadillacs from its beginning in 1903 to the present day at the Cadillac Museum on the Gilmore Car Museum Campus.


Long revered for its technical excellence and design, Cadillac was the ultimate symbol of success. Here is your opportunity to experience some of the best including the earliest models to the pre-war classic V-12s and V-16s to the flashy flamboyant designs of the 1950s and 1960s and to those of the modern Art & Science design philosophy along with limited production performance models. Every year there are new features and opportunities to enjoy your love of Cadillacs. Please check out Events and Cars for this year’s attractions.


The Cadillac Fall Festival & Concours d’Elegance is much more than a celebration, it is about supporting worthwhile causes, including the Cadillac Museum and area charities.

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Gilmore Car Museum

Hickory Corners, Michigan
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“The cars were terrific, some came from great distances. The setting is unique - so much iconic history in one place. I have heard for a long time about the Gilmore, but this was my first time. I will definitely come again.”

Dick Ruzzin
Cadillac Design Studio Head 1988-1992

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