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The Cadillac Fall Festival celebrates Cadillac’s commitment to Innovation, Performance,
and Design for more than a century. Each year the event brings together Cadillacs from
its beginning in 1903 to the present day at the Cadillac Museum on the Gilmore Car
Museum Campus. For 2023, we welcome all GM marques to the celebration.
Every year there are new features and opportunities to enjoy your love of Cadillacs.
Please check out Events and Attractions for 2023.


Celebrating GM’s Fifties Motorama

GM’s Motorama showcased its commitment to innovation and design during the
flamboyant 1950s lead by Cadillac. So, this year’s attractions will feature several of the
concept cars from this decade and other one-off models.
The event’s annual car show is open to all GM marques from 1903 to 2023. Prizes will
be awarded in many classes by peer judging. GM designers will select a few cars for
special awards to recognize them for exemplifying the best of visionary and trendsetting
car designs.

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Gilmore museum.jpeg

Gilmore Car Museum

Hickory Corners, Michigan
Learn more about location HERE.

“So many rare, excellent cars all in one unique setting. But what makes this such a special show is the participation of Cadillac designers, past and present. I encourage all Cadillac enthusiasts and everyone who likes cars to attend.”

Kip Wasenko
Chief Designer Cadillac Studio 1998 to 2003

Contact Bill Anderson
President of Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center
at 443-994-5455 or
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